Adding YouTube Video to SharePoint 2013

To add YouTube video to your existing Assets Library in SharePoint 2013 follow the steps below.

Go to your video in YouTube site

Go to SharePoint and create new video in your library as below

This will open a new screen as below

Click OK

Now the video is ready to be save in SharePoint 2013 Asset Library


Manage content and structure in SharePoint 2013

In SharePoint 2010, there was a link for “Manage content and structure” as below image.

In SharePoint 2013, this link has been removed from this menu.

So, where is the link??

Site Settings è Site Administration

Here is a screen shot

Save InfoPath Attachment to SharePoint 2010 Document Library

I have a requirement where the business needs to save an attachment form InfoPath form to SharePoint document library direct.

1: Build the InfoPath form

Create three fields

  • WebSiteURL: string
  • DocLibName: string
  • Attachment: base64Binary

2: Build the Web Service

3: Connect InfoPath to Web Service

For more information, Calling Web Service from InfoPath 2010 with Parameters

4: Verify

Download source files (InfoPath & Web service)

SharePoint 2013 Workflow is not available

After installing SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Designer 2013, you will notice that no SharePoint 2013 workflow is available!! Only SharePoint 2010 is there.

We can summarize the steps:

  1. Install Workflow Manager 1.0
  2. Configure Workflow Manager 1.0
  3. Register Workflow Manager 1.0
  4. Verify Workflow Manager 1.0

To install SharePoint 2013 Workflow, do the following:

  1. Install Workflow Manager 1.0 from here

Click on Install button to start installation.

  1. After finishing downloading and installation, you will see the following screen shot

  2. The Workflow Manager Configuration Wizard automatically appear

  3. User the first option, you can follow this link for more
  4. Register your workflow manager with your SharePoint farm

    Register-SPWorkflowService –SPSite “<SiteCollection>” –WorkflowHostUri “http://ServerName:12291″ –AllowOAuthHttp

  5. Verify using SharePoint Designer 2013

    Note: a new IIS website added to your IIS

Calculations in SharePoint Designer 2010 Workflow (Arithmetic)

How to make calculations in SharePoint Designer 2010 Workflow.

Add step (optional)


From Action menu click on Do Calculation




How to Get ONET.XML for The Current Site – site definition XML

Sometime during your development, you need to know the current site definition XML file which known as ONET.XML

It is very easy:

Just write in your browser the following URL


Press enter and play with file.

You can copy it and modify it to create your own site definition.


How to Configure FBA in SharePoint 2010 (YouTube)

In my last community in RSUG , I talked about SharePoint Claim Authentication and how you can configure the FBA using .net membership as SharePoint users provider. I recorded the session and uploaded to YouTube.