Speaking in RSUG – May 2012

I just finished my session in RSUG (Riyadh SharePoint User Group). It was at Thuresday 31/5/2012. I talked about Reporting Services in SharePoint 2010.

Presentation : RSUG May 2012 Reporting Services in SharePoint 2012



Configure Reporting Services to SharePoint Integrated Mode

Why we need to convert the reporting services from Native to Integrated Mode:

  • Use SharePoint document management and collaboration features, including alerts and version control.
  • Use SharePoint permissions and authentication providers to control access to reports, models, and other items.
  • Manage reports, models, data sources, schedules, and report history in custom application pages on a SharePoint site.
  • Publish or upload reports, report models, resources, and shared data source files to a SharePoint library.
  • A Report Viewer Web Part you can add to SharePoint pages to view a report inside your SharePoint web application.

Below are the steps to convert your reporting services from Native to Integrated Mode: