Image Renditions in SharePoint 2013

Image Renditions is predefined width and height to use them for images.

For example you can define a rendition call “Thumbnail” with width=70px and height=70px then you can use this in page layout to apply these dimensions on an image.

To use Image Renditions first you have to enable BLOB Cache

You can find this feature in the site settings of publishing site.

After opening the page, it will look like the following image

To use it, edit any page and insert image within the page.


Enable BLOB Cache in SharePoint 2013

Some features of SharePoint 2013 need to enable the BLOB cache in SharePoint 2013 like Image Renditions.

This is easy…

  1. Open the web.config of your SharePoint web application
  2. Search for <BlobCache
  3. You will find the following line<BlobCache location=C:\BlobCache\14


enabled=false />

4.   Change the enabled=false to enabled=true