Add New Column To SharePoint List

To create a new column in SharePoint list, please follow the below steps

Go to your list/Document library , in the ribbon click on List

Go to your list/Document library , in the ribbon click on List

Click on List Settings

Click on List Settings

Under Columns section, click Create column

Under Columns section, click Create column

Write the column name and choose the type, then click OK

Write the column name and choose the type, then click OK

“Open with Explorer” Disabled in Document Library – SharePoint 2013

You may notice that the button “Open with Explorer” is disabled in document library ribbon.




Open the same document library in Internet Explorer as this function does not work with Firefox or Chrome

Internet Explorer


Too many files – Drag and Drop in SharePoint 2103

If you try to drag and drop more than 100 files to a document library you will get the below error:

Too many files – Uploads are limited to 100 files. Please try again with fewer documents.

This is one of the limitation in SharePoint 2013 that you can’t upload more than 100 files one time.

For more information visit this link: Software boundaries and limits for SharePoint 2013

Approve Multiple Items in SharePoint 2013

If you need to approve multiple items in SharePoint 2013, follow the below steps:

Go to Site Settings

Under “Site Administration” click on “Content and structure logs”

When the page open, click on your document library on left pane

On right pane, click on “All Documents” and choose “Pending Approval” to change the view.

Save InfoPath Attachment to SharePoint 2010 Document Library

I have a requirement where the business needs to save an attachment form InfoPath form to SharePoint document library direct.

1: Build the InfoPath form

Create three fields

  • WebSiteURL: string
  • DocLibName: string
  • Attachment: base64Binary

2: Build the Web Service

3: Connect InfoPath to Web Service

For more information, Calling Web Service from InfoPath 2010 with Parameters

4: Verify

Download source files (InfoPath & Web service)

Publish InfoPath Form Issue – InfoPath failed to publish

When you trying to publish an InfoPath form to document library for the first time it successes.

But try again; you will get the following error message

“InfoPath failed to publish because the default content type in the document library is not based on the Form content type.”


  1. Go to Site Actions >> Site Settings >> Manage site features
  2. Activate the feature “Team Collaboration Lists”

  3. In InfoPath form; File >> Publish >> SharePoint Server

  4. Publish the form again to a new document library instead of the old one because the old one was create of template Document Library

    And the correct on should be Form Library