New Document Disabled in PowerPivot Gallery

When you create a new PowerPivot site and go to Power Pivot Gallery, you find the “New Document” disabled by default.


Go to “Library Settings

Click on “Advanced settings

Choose “Yes” in “Allow management of content types?

Now,,,, fixed


Publish InfoPath Form Issue – InfoPath failed to publish

When you trying to publish an InfoPath form to document library for the first time it successes.

But try again; you will get the following error message

“InfoPath failed to publish because the default content type in the document library is not based on the Form content type.”


  1. Go to Site Actions >> Site Settings >> Manage site features
  2. Activate the feature “Team Collaboration Lists”

  3. In InfoPath form; File >> Publish >> SharePoint Server

  4. Publish the form again to a new document library instead of the old one because the old one was create of template Document Library

    And the correct on should be Form Library

Content Type Designer In Visual Studio 2011

If you worked with visual studion 2010 to create a new content type in SharePoint 2010, you will remeber that you have to create an XML file define the content type and it columns.

Now in Visual Studio 2011, no XML , there is a designer.

first, create a new SharePoint 2010 project in Visual Studio 2011

Add new Item to your project


Visual Studio will ask you for the parent contnet type to inheret from:


After you click “Finish”, the below screen will appear to add your columns to your content type and in this screen you can choose the columns and determine weather the column is required or not.


Also, if you clicked on “Common Properties”, you will edit the follwoing :

  • Contetn Type name
  • Description
  • Group Name to categorize your content types
  • Inherits the columns from the parent Content Type
  • Set the Content Type to read-only
  • Hide the content type in the list “New” button


You still able to see and edit the XML file of your content type, just navigagte to the “Solution Explorer” as below.