New Document Disabled in PowerPivot Gallery

When you create a new PowerPivot site and go to Power Pivot Gallery, you find the “New Document” disabled by default.


Go to “Library Settings

Click on “Advanced settings

Choose “Yes” in “Allow management of content types?

Now,,,, fixed


Riyadh SharePoint User Group Meeting September 2012

I just finished our event in Riyadh SharePoint User Group Meeting September 2012.

Megren & Me, lets the first two hours for open discussion questions and most of audience shared us with answers and question.

Then, Mr.Sayed presented BI in SharePoint 2010 and especially Performance Point (Business Intelligence (BI) with PerformancePoint in SharePoint 2010).

After that, Mr.Waqqs talked about SharePoint-Governance-2.

Below is some of our pictures in that event.