Virtualizing SQL Server in SharePoint 2010 Farm is not Recommended

The database server is responsible for storing, maintaining, and fetching data for other server components and services.

Virtualization of the database server is not recommended. Reasons to avoid virtualizing the database server are as follows:

  • Virtualization introduces latency downstream in the application and UI server components of a SharePoint farm. If every data request takes more time, the scenario quickly becomes a challenge, especially when a single transaction needs multiple round trips for completion.
  • The database server experiences heavy CPU, memory, disk I/O, and NIC usage.
  • If overall performance evaluation or virtual machines are not adequately specified, end users may experience slower response times and, in background processes, slower performance of long-running operations, which can increase operation timeouts.

for more details, visit this link  [Page 24]


4 thoughts on “Virtualizing SQL Server in SharePoint 2010 Farm is not Recommended

  1. According to Microsoft, “The benefits of deploying SQL Server on a virtual machine can often outweigh the performance cost”. I always virtualize SQL server, but you need to beef up the specs a bit.

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