Build Tasks Delegation in SharePoint 2010

Here I am going to explain how you can create a Task Delegation solution. This is required more in companies where the mangers leave for vacations or somewhere.

Create an InfoPath from which contains the following fields:

  • From: Date
  • To: Date
  • Delegate To : UserOrGroup

Now, publish the form to list or document library so the managers then can submit their delegations.

Note: When publish the form, export the fields as library columns as below:

Go to SharePoint Designer and create a list workflow and bind the workflow with Tasks List as you see below.

Enter the workflow name and description.

Create three workflow variables:

  • From: Date/Time
  • To: Date/Time
  • DelegateTo: String

You can assigne the variables by reading their values from the document libray which has to be filled by the above InfoPath form.

After the above step, when click Ok you will get the below warning, click Yes

Now, check the option “Start workflow automatically when an item is created” as below and publish the it.

Note: Don’t check the option “Start workflow automatically when an item is changed”

Enter Log History action to log what happen to the Task item.

Update the Task list with the delegated user as belwo in the screen.

Again log to history after update the task list item.

Now, repeat the same step to get the FROM and To field from the document library.

Now before we update you have to check whether the task was created between the FROM and To date which are specified by the manger.

See below scree;

Let’s try now

Belal fill the delegation form:

Task created for user Belal:

Refresh the tasks list again:


9 thoughts on “Build Tasks Delegation in SharePoint 2010

    • Hi Charis,

      Sorry for late response, actually you can user the Send Email from Action button in the ribbon to send the email to the new “delegate to”…

  1. Where should we bind this workflow,in task list or document library?
    Actually I am not getting the values In the tasks list.

      • Hi,
        I binded the worflow with task list.
        I got data from infopath form but I am not able to get the task created for user in tasks list.
        workflow is throwing error Coercion Failed: Unable to transform the input lookup data into the requested type.”
        How to resolve it?

  2. The workflow could not update the item, possibly because one or more columns for the item require a different type of information.I am getting this error.How can i resolve this ?
    Any ideas ……..

  3. Thank U for that. But that’s work just for ONE User and his Delegate. If I add a new item in the list, when a task are assigned to someone, that re-assign to the first delegate in the list, always.
    Have u an idee for doing this with multi-user/delegate ?

  4. Hi Mostafa,

    Thanks for great help, but for some users i am getting error.
    Reason:The user who attempted to complete the task is not the user to whom the task is assigned.

    Please reply me.


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