Calculated Column – Smart Column

Get the day name

TEXT([Created],”dddd”) ===> Saturday

TEXT([Created],”ddd”) ===> Sat

Determine the time is in day or night

IF(AND(HOUR([Created])>7,HOUR(Created)<18),”Day”,”Night”) ==> Day

Choose a value randomly based on current time


Determine if the current list item changed or no

IF([Modified] > [Created], “Changed”, “Not Changed”)

Convert value to text

TEXT([Created], “yyyy|mm”) ==> 2012|04

Check whether the field is empty of not empty

ISBLANK ([Cost])

Choose Statement

CHOOSE(int, Val1, Val2, <up to 29>

Example : Choose(5,”V1”,”V2”,”V3”,”V4”,”V5”,”V6”) ==> V5


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