Restore SharePoint 2010 UI To ShaerPoint 2007 UI

After you upgrade your SharePoint from 2007 to 2010. The you an option to upgrade the UI using “Visual Upgrade”.
IF you upgraded it to the new UI in 2010 and for some reasons you need to back to 2007 UI.


Open powershell and write the followoing Cmdlets:
$web=Get-SPWeb http://<servername&gt;:<port>:/subsite1/subsite2


for more information visit Microsoft here.


My Session in RSUG Feb 2012

I was spearker in RSUG Feb 2012 , I talked about Configuration Multiple Authentication in SharePoint 2010 .

I added a YouTube video on how to configure the FBA in SharePoint 2010 , check it here

Here are some picture of that great event

Configure Reporting Services to SharePoint Integrated Mode

Why we need to convert the reporting services from Native to Integrated Mode:

  • Use SharePoint document management and collaboration features, including alerts and version control.
  • Use SharePoint permissions and authentication providers to control access to reports, models, and other items.
  • Manage reports, models, data sources, schedules, and report history in custom application pages on a SharePoint site.
  • Publish or upload reports, report models, resources, and shared data source files to a SharePoint library.
  • A Report Viewer Web Part you can add to SharePoint pages to view a report inside your SharePoint web application.

Below are the steps to convert your reporting services from Native to Integrated Mode: