How to Configure FBA in SharePoint 2010 (YouTube)

In my last community in RSUG , I talked about SharePoint Claim Authentication and how you can configure the FBA using .net membership as SharePoint users provider. I recorded the session and uploaded to YouTube.


Access Denied When Upload SWF File to SharePoint 2010

I have a user with with “Contribute” permission. But when he need to upload an SWF file to a document library, he got “Access Denied” while he can upload another file????


The solution is in PowerShell….

Open the PowerShell

write the follwoing commands:

$webApp=Get-SPWebApplication <YOUR WEB APPLICATION URL>

This will print the following extensions:

“swf” is there…

To remove this file extension use the follwoing CmdLet.

or you can add a new extension if you have security requirements, like this:

For more details: Microsoft Support

Content Type Designer In Visual Studio 2011

If you worked with visual studion 2010 to create a new content type in SharePoint 2010, you will remeber that you have to create an XML file define the content type and it columns.

Now in Visual Studio 2011, no XML , there is a designer.

first, create a new SharePoint 2010 project in Visual Studio 2011

Add new Item to your project


Visual Studio will ask you for the parent contnet type to inheret from:


After you click “Finish”, the below screen will appear to add your columns to your content type and in this screen you can choose the columns and determine weather the column is required or not.


Also, if you clicked on “Common Properties”, you will edit the follwoing :

  • Contetn Type name
  • Description
  • Group Name to categorize your content types
  • Inherits the columns from the parent Content Type
  • Set the Content Type to read-only
  • Hide the content type in the list “New” button


You still able to see and edit the XML file of your content type, just navigagte to the “Solution Explorer” as below.



SharePoint 2010 Definitions

I would like to share with some of terms used commonly in ShaerPoint 2010.

Offline database is used when there is a need of transporting databases from one location to another location during this status the available disk space can be increased.

Log shipping is a process of automating a backup of database from primary server and then restoring them to another standby server to increase the database availability by maintaining a backup server that can replace the production server quickly.

System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM): it is a software product from Microsoft designed to help the IT administrators to manage windows environments.

The benefits of using this tool in SharePoint 2010 are:

  • Provide the ability to backup and restore at the Farm, Web Application, Site, or content item level.
  • Provide the ability to backup and restore the directories that contain customizations.
  • Can also backup and restore server system state, including IIS configuration settings.
  • Requires a less processing on the server

Application Register Service: enable users to search and collaborate around business data. It provides backward compatibility to Business Data Catalog (BDC). Application registry service support solutions depend on BDC object model.

Business Data Connectivity: is an upgraded version of Business Data Catalog. And it contains a set of services and features to connection SharePoint 2010 to external data sources.

NTLM: it is a protocol to authenticate users and computers based on authentication challenge and response way. The NTLM does not send passwords or hashed passwords across the network.

SharePoint Recycle Bin: the SharePoint 2010 has two stages recycle bin. When a user delete an item, this item automatically sent to first stage recycle bin and when this item deleted from recycle bin to send to second stage recycle bin which only site collection administrators can restore it.

Whats new in Visual Studio 2011

Visual Studio 2011 is now in prerelease and it has many features. I will list the most interested once from my view.
  • Support for reading unvalidated request data when request validation is enabled
  • Bundling and minification for javascripts
  • Model binders same as MVC
  • moves the code for client-side validation into a single external JavaScript file
  • You can use HTML5 elements
  • The new AllowCustomPaging and VirtualItemCount properties of the GridView
  • Tag completion when renaming tags
  • Extract specific HTML markup as separated User Control
  • “Go to Definition” in JavaScript
  • An Entity Data Model (.edmx) file can now be associated with a database project.
  • IIS Express works well with ASP.NET and PHP applications.

For downloading click here. happy try 😉

How to Get the Current Executing Method in C# ?

Many times we need to know the current executing method in C# specially in catch of exception, there is simple way to do this.

catch (Exception ex)
 string currMethod=new System.Diagnostics.StackTrace().GetFrame(0).GetMethod().ToString(); }