My previous session in RSUG (Riyadh SharePoint User Group)

My previous session in RSUG (Riyadh SharePoint User Group) with my friends Jerry Yasir and Ismail Enjreny and Ahmad Abo Abdo


All World Counties for developers in excel and sql query

As a developer you will face many projects where you need to add sql server table for all world countries in your application.

So you need to build a Countries managment user controls to enable the client to add the countries to his application after deployment in client side.

but if you filled his table in your development phase, so in my mind no need to build an managment countrol, because there will be no new country will be added if you add all the countries.

however, I attached in this post all the countries in many format

The files has three columns:

  • Country Code
  • Country Name Ar
  • Country Name En

Opening List or Document Library in Windows Explorer

When you try to open a list or document library in windows explorer you got the follwoing error:

Your client does not support opening this list with Windows Explorer


This happen on Windows Server because there is a feature called “Desktop Experience” not installed by default.

You can solve this by go to Server Manager >> Features >> Add Features >> Install Desktop Experience